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Tentative Program


Keynote: Lynn Liben
Title: Putting Oneself on a Map: A Developmental Psychologist's Perspective

Bob Firth
Configurational-Grasp Mapping

Christopher Habel, Christian Graf
You-are-here Maps as Navigation Aids for Visually Impaired People

Alexander Klippel, Rui Li, Anna Wu, Xiolong Zhang
Interactive, Multiscale YAH Maps

Daniel R. Montello
You Are Where? The Function and Frustration of You-Are-Here (YAH) Maps

Falko Schmid, Denise Peters, Kai-Florian Richter
You Are Not Lost - You Are Somewhere Here

Stefan Steiniger, Geoffrey J. Hay
An Experiment to Assess the Perceptual Organization of Polygonal Objects

Stephen Hirtle

Plenary discussion

Discussant / Session chair:
Clare Davies



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