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Workshops at SC '08

Workshop 1:
You-Are-Here-Maps: Creating a Sense of Place through Map-like Representations
Organizers: Alexander Klippel (Penn State U, PA, USA)
Stephen Hirtle (U of Pittsburgh, PA, USA)


Workshop 2:
Cognitive Models of Human Spatial Reasoning
Organizers: Marco Ragni (U of Freiburg, D)
Holger Schultheis (U of Bremen, D)
Thomas Barkowsky (U of Bremen, D)


Workshop 3:
Spatial Language in Context: Computational and Theoretical Approaches to Situation Specific Meaning
Organizers: Kenny Coventry (Northumbria U, UK)
Ronan O'Ceallaigh (Northumbria U, UK)


Workshop 4:
Biologically Motivated Models of Spatial Behaviour: Insights from Animals
Organizers: Wolfgang St├╝rzl (U of Bielefeld, D)
Jan M. Wiener (U of Freiburg, D)




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