Workshops / Tutorials

The workshops and tutorials will be held on the first two days of the conference (24 / 25 September 2006).


Important Dates:

16 July 2006 deadline for workshop contributions (papers by participants)
11 August 2006 notification of acceptance of workshop papers
09 September 2006 deadline for early registration

For further information to the individual workshops please refer to the following links. For any questions related to workshops or tutorials please contact Christoph Hoelscher.

Workshop: Robotic 3D Environment Cognition
(A. Nüchter, O. Wulf, & K. Lingemann)

Workshop: Spatial Learning and Individual Differences
(S. Münzer & H. Zimmer)

Workshop: Thinking WITH and Thinking ABOUT Space: The Relationship Between Internal and External Representations
(L. Webber)

Workshop: Talking About and Perceiving Moving Objects: Exploring the Bridge Between Natural Language, Perception and Formal Ontologies of Space
(N. Van de Weghe, A. C. Cohn, K. Coventry, & B. Krieg-Brückner)

Workshop: Space Syntax and Spatial Cognition
(B. Hillier, C. Hölscher, R. Conroy-Dalton, & A. Turner)


Tutorial: Eye Fixations and Diagrammatic Reasoning
(M. Hegarty)

Tutorial: Navigation, Cooperation, and Language
(D. Kazakov)

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