Poster Presentations

Topological Operators for Ontological Distinctions: Disambiguating the Geographic Concepts of Place, Region and Neighbourhood
Pragya Agarwal

The Landmark Spider: Weaving the Landmark Web
David Caduff and Sabine Timpf

Addressee-dependent Blending in Object Localisation Tasks
Kerstin Fischer

Study of Eye Movements in Landmark Recognition: An Experiment in Virtual Reality
Yu Jin, Sabine Gillner and Hanspeter A. Mallot

A Framework Modelling Connotations of Spatial Objects
Manfred Loidold and Christine Giger

Route Description System: An Architecture for Managing Geo-referenced Content
Sebastian Matyas and Christoph Schlieder

Graphical vs. Verbal Route Descriptions : Looking For Supra-Modal Invariants
Edyta Przytula-Machrouh, Gerard Ligozat, and Michel Denis

Eye Movements During a Locomotion Task in Virtual and Real Environments
Dagmar Schoch, Sabine Gillner, and Hanspeter A. Mallot

Associative Learning of Spatio-Temporal Sequences in a Reaction Time Experiment
Rainer Spiegel

Intention Detection by Motion Track Analysis on Spatial Partonomies
Klaus Stein and Christoph Schlieder

A Qualitative Description of Traffic Maneuvers
H. Joe Steinhauer

View-Dependent Spatial Knowledge Representation by Snapshots of Ordering Information
Thomas Wagner and Otthein Herzog

Spatial Representations for Graphical Reasoning
Lara Webber and Aidan Feeney

Dissociable Retrosplenial and Hippocampal Contributions to Successful Formation of Allocentric Memory Representations
Thomas Wolbers and Christian Büchel

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